Rachel Talbot sure is sneaky, because not once did I see her nose wiggle fast back and forth while she was filming me, and yet she still managed to produce pure magic on the screen. And it’s not like (with me, at least) she had anything great to work with. For years I’ve been astounded by her talent, and have been lucky enough to have her cinematic spell cast upon me not once but twice. This sow’s ear is grateful to be turned into Rachel’s silken purse.

— Chip Kidd

Loved working with Rachel Talbot.  In addition to her refined sense of composition, she makes our rather simple actions look exciting on film.  She's fun to be with.   I'd do it again and again.

— Lisa Birnbach 
author True Prep and The Official Preppy Handbook

I could not imagine a better experience than having Rachel Talbot and Bowerbird Films make my book trailer and promotional videos. She was a joy to work with—organized and resourceful, with a clear vision, yet open to my ideas— and the final products have been much in demand by booksellers, and very useful in booking publicity for the book. They are visually exactly what I wanted, warm and human, and they tell my story concisely and with humor, while leaving enough to the imagination for the viewer to make her want to buy the book.

— Stephanie Dolgoff
author Formerly Hot

The work that you did with us -- the masterful and timely composition of those videos – was a life-saver, and we really can’t thank you enough. You created a brilliant visual story and it added great energy to the overall presentation. There were compliments aplenty! We feel very lucky to have connected with you.

— Anne Messitte
publisher of Vintage Anchor