Ass-Bra Teaser

by Stephanie Dolgoff
Ballantine Books, 2010 

A multi-video marketing campaign for Ballantine’s Formerly Hot, which includes a unique author video, a narrative scene inspired by the book and three :30 second teasers. The publisher and author are strategically releasing this arsenal of videos to create buzz and interest in the book. When the first teaser was posted on YouTube, it received over 1,000 unique views in one day.
Author’s Praise
I could not imagine a better experience than having Rachel Talbot and Bowerbird Films make my book trailer and promotional videos. She was a joy to work with—organized and resourceful, with a clear vision, yet open to my ideas— and the final products have been much in demand by booksellers, and very useful in booking publicity for the book. They are visually exactly what I wanted, warm and human, and they tell my story concisely and with humor, while leaving enough to the imagination for the viewer to make her want to buy the book.


Stephanie Dolgoff 
Author Formerly Hot