Under the Covers
with Chip Kidd

Knopf | BOFF Award Winner | 2009

Short documentary about the relationship between best-selling author, James Ellroy (LA Confidential) and the celebrated designer who has created most of his book covers.


3rd Babelgum Online Film Festival STOLI Emerging Filmmaker Award Winner

Author’s Praise

Rachel Talbot sure is sneaky, because not once did I see her nose wiggle fast back and forth while she was filming me, and yet she still managed to produce pure magic on the screen. And it’s not like (with me, at least) she had anything great to work with. For years I’ve been astounded by her talent, and have been lucky enough to have her cinematic spell cast upon me not once but twice. This sow’s ear is grateful to be turned into Rachel’s silken purse.

—Chip Kidd